El Port de la Selva

El Port de la Selva is a little town facing onto the Mediterranean Sea. Apart from fishing, the production of wine and olive oil was its most important source of income during the XIX century.

Today the natural harbour, surrounded by the mountains of Cap de Creus, is most enjoyed by tourists throughout the year.

Some of the most interesting architectural features of the town, dating back from the XVII century, are grouped around the church.

The Cap de Creus located just behind the town, together with the cliffs, beachesand many little islands along the windy coast which is a haven for windsurfers, definitely sets this part of the  apart from the rest.

In addition to the Cap de Creus Natural Park, the Benedictine monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes is well worth a visit. This monastery dates back to the XI century and can be easily accessed by car up a mountain road boasting incredible views. Its church is an example of Romanesque art and the well preserved rooms and towers make it easy to  imagine what life was like in its days of splendour.

You will need an entry ticket to visit the Monastery.

From there you can climb up to the top, where you will discover the old ruins of the former castle, dating back from the IX century. At 670 metres above sea level you will be sure to enjoy the spectacular panoramic view. Take a look at our virtual panoramic view from the top and get your walking shoes ready! 

Top attractions in El Port de la Selva:

- Santa Maria church

- The old bridge

- Explore the coves and the Cap de Creus Natural Park

Special dates to consider when visiting El Port de la Selva:

- Summer "Festa Major": August 6

Local market: every Friday

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