As proven by various archaeological remains, Llançà has been inhabited since prehistoric times. The dolmen of El Puig d’Esquers and the Abbot’s tomb (Tomba de l’Abat) are two good examples of those ancient times. However, the pre-Romanic period is also of importance and can be appreciated in Llançà’s architecture.

Facing directly onto the sea, with a coastline of many small coves, this town is surrounded by two exceptional natural parks, the Albera and the Creus Cape.

Llançà was originally a small seaside village comprising a few fishermen’s shacks, with the production and exportation of wine and olive oil being the most important sources of income for its inhabitants. This was until 1960 when tourism changed the lives of those living there and it continued to be an attractive little town, proud of its history and traditions.

Close to Llançà, only a few kilometres from France and facing onto the sea, you will find the towns of Colera and Portbou.

The road taken to reach these towns will be a feast for your eyes, as the two colours defining the (blue and green) illustrate the splendour of the landscape.

The large and impressive train bridge crossing Colera is a stark contrast to the little houses characterising this area.

Portbou has a beach in a secluded cove with unspoilt views over the mountains. Take an afternoon walk along the promenade in this relaxing town.

Whether you are looking for action-packed fun or a relaxing on the beach, Llançà offers a wide range of options to match your interests. Take a look at what to do in Llançà.

Top attractions in Llançà:

- Dolmens; Puig d’Esquers and Tomba de l’Abat

- Sant Vicenç church

- Romanic tower, XIII century

- Mare de Déu del Port chapel

- The freedom tree, planted in the central square in 1870

- The Castellar island, linked to the land by an artificial road

- A walk in the nearby towns of Colera and Portbou

Special dates to consider when visiting Llançà are:

- Summer "Festa Major"; third Sunday of August

- Winter "Festa Major"; January 22

- "Festa del Port" (harbour party); July 16

Local market; every Wednesday

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