Practical Information


Most of the tiny villages and towns of the Costa Brava are easy to reach on public transport, but if you prefer freewheeling why not hire a car, motorbike or bike? Just think how wonderful it would be to travel wherever and whenever you want!

As the Costa Brava weather is good almost all through the year, one enjoyable option is to discover towns and villages by bike.

The Costa Brava boasts many bike routes with different categories according to difficulty. The so-called greenways "vies verdes" are ideal for bike tours or walks, alone, or with friends or family.
Although highly advisable, bicycle helmets are only mandatory when cycling along inter-urban routes.
Speed limits are as follows:
- Motorway: 120 Km/h.
- Other roads: 100 Km/h, 90, 80 or less and will be indicated according to the category of the road.
Trekking, road or mountain bikes can be used to explore the multiple options offered by the old railway track which used to go from Olot to Girona.
The following car hire companies have offices on the Costa Brava: