The busy resort of Blanes spreads down from the Sa Palomera rock, the most Southern part of the . From here downwards, towards , the coast is known as the Costa del Maresme.

There is evidence that Blanes was populated from ancient times, but its heyday was in the Middle Ages. A good example of this period is the octagonal-shaped and three-tiered Gothic fountain located in middle of the shopping area on the Ample street.

The mouth of the River Tordera is a fertile area used for agriculture and fishing, two of the most important economic activities in Blanes, apart from tourism which started to boom during the second half of the 20th century.

In addition to Blanes and S’Abanell beaches, if you pass the harbour towards the North, you can find the lovely beach of San Francesc.

Behind the beach rises a mountain topped by the remains of the 11th century castle of San Joan and a look-out tower dating from the 16th century.

From here you can see spectacular views of the coast, the town and its outskirts.

The mountain of Sant Joan houses the Marimurtra botanical garden, created by the German businessman Karl Faust. The garden covers an area of four hectares and boasts examples of more than 3000 plant species from all over the world.

This is an excellent place to enjoy the beautiful landscape and enchanting nooks and features of the garden, such as the pergola, the Linné temple or the Goethe steps.

Slightly to the north, near the Santa Bárbara chapel, lies another botanical garden, the Jardí Pinya de Rosa which boasts over 7000 species of cactus.


Top attractions in Blanes:

- 15th century church of Santa Maria 

- Gothic fountain in the Ample street

- Viewpoint on the Sa Palomera rock

- Marimurtra botanical garden

- Pinya de Rosa botanical garden

Special dates to consider when visiting Blanes:

- Festa Major de Santa Anna; 24th to 28th July

- International Fireworks Championships: during the "Festa Major"

- "Festa petita"; 21st August

Local market; Every Monday


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