Figueres, the capital city of the Alt Empordà, is still nowadays the intersection communicating with France and is connected to the French border by the AVE (high speed train).

The growth of tourism has helped Figueres to expand and is today the most important economic sector in the town, together with the retail sector which has been boosted and modernised in recent years and has become a good place for shopping.

In the Middle Ages Figueres was known under the name of "Ficaris". A remnant from ancient times is the Gorgot tower, which formed part of the old town wall and today forms part of the Galatea Tower in the Dalí Museum, located in the old theatre of Figueres and is without any doubt the most visited museum in the city.

The town where Dalí was born opened this museum in his honour in 1974 and it has an excellent exhibition of his paintings and creations from different periods of his life.

Visitors can try to distinguish two images in one painting, identify Abraham Lincoln’s face in one of his works and search for his wife Gala in the same one.

Top attractions in Figueres:

- Dalí museum

- The Gorgot tower and Gala-Dalí square

- Toy museum

- Empordà Museum; learn about the "Sardana", the traditional dance of Catalonia

- Sant Pere de Figueres; gothic church

- Some modernist buildings like the former slaughterhouse

- The Rambla

- Sant Ferran castle; built in the XVIII century on the outskirts of Figueres

Special dates to consider when visiting Figueres:

- Summer "Festa Major or Festes de Santa Creu"; April 30 to May 9

- Sant Pere (Saint Peter’s Day); June 29

- International Music Festival; July

Several trade fairs take place in Figueres throughout the year:

- Antiques; every third Saturday on the month, on the Rambla

- Sant Josep (Saint Joseph), known as the "Fira del Bunyol de l’Empordà"; March 13

- Intergalactic toy trade fair; May 23

- Sant Baldiri; May 21 to 23

- Empordà wine trade fair; September 9 to 12

Local market; every Tuesday and Saturday

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