L’Estartit was born as a small fishing village in the 18th century. Sea trade with other places such as enabled it to sell its produce of corn, rise, wine and liquor. In fact, some of the fortified buildings remaining today still remind us of the pirate attacks of many years ago.

Nowadays, the maritime district of Torroella de Montgrí has made L’Estartit a good place for leisure and summer holidays and ideal for practising all kinds of watersports and diving. Its large beach with fine golden sand is perfect for families with small children.

L’Estartit is located on the edge of the Montgrí massif and is presided over by a 13th century castle. Just over one kilometre along the coast lie the Medes Isles, world-renowned for their good diving waters and excellent climate for watersports almost all year round.

The Church of Santa Anna, in the square of the same name, is located right in the town centre. From here you can stroll along the pedestrian street lined with shops. 

L’Estartit offers a wide range of leisure, sporting and shopping. Its deep-rooted history and cultural activities, together with its location, make it the ideal place for a wide range of activities.

The mouth of the River Ter flows out between l’Estartit and Pals beaches and is surrounded by the outstanding natural reserve of la Gola, refuge for a large variety of migratory birds.

The Medes Isles lie in the largest protected marine area in Catalonia and their ecosystem, housing a wide range of fauna and flora, is classified as the best in the eastern Mediterranean. 

This small, uninhabited archipelago is formed of seven small islands, called Meda Gran, Meda Petita, el Medellot, el Carall Bernat, las Ferrenelles, los Tascons Grossos and los Tascons Petits, and various small rocks which geographically are classified as a prolongation of the Montgrí massif. This area was a good hiding place for pirates during the 14th century and, apart from being an excellent place for a spot of diving or snorkelling, it also provides fantastic views of the Golf of Roses.

Top attractions in L’Estartit:

- Medes Isles

- Church of Santa Anna

- Museum of the Mediterranean

Special dates to consider when visiting L’Estartit:

- Festa Major; 26th July (Santa Anna)

- Cantades d’Havaneres (sea shanties); During month of July

Local market; every Thursday

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