Lloret de Mar

Lloret de Mar, an important tourist resort on the , offers visitors a wide range of cultural activities, watersports, gastronomy and nightlife.

Although most of the town is a sprawl of high-rise hotels and apartments, bars, cafés, nightclubs and restaurants catering mainly for English and German tourists, its busy main beach stretches along a palm-lined promenade dotted with lovely modernist houses, built by the so-called "indianos", merchants who went to find their fortune in Cuba. Examples of these buildings are the Casa de la Vila, now housing the town hall, and Can Garriga, site of the maritime museum, or Can Comadran.

Rocky outcrops at the far end of Lloret on both sides, give spectacular views of the coast.

Towards the North, the Mallorca viewpoint is located next to the castle of Plaja. Along the coast from there you can reach the beautiful and unspoilt Canyelles beach with its own marina and shady pine trees in the sand.

Towards the south lies the Dona Marinera viewpoint with a sculpture symbolizing the suffering of fishermen’s wives.

The South of Lloret is an area with a lot to explore. Following the coast between the Boadella and Fenals beaches lies a hill where the Jardins de Santa Clotilde are located. These gardens were designed in an Italian renaissance style and offer the visitor wonderful views.

Take the "camí de ronda" from Fenals beach and you will reach the medieval Sant Joan castle with breathtaking views.

San Francesc and Santa Cristina are other beautiful and unspoilt beaches located amongst pine forests and untouched by development.


Top attractions in Lloret de Mar:

- La Casa de la Vila

- The casino

- Castle of Plaja

- Castle of Sant Joan

- Church of Sant Romà

- Viewpoints and beaches


Special dates to consider when visiting Lloret de Mar:

- "Festa Major"; from 23rd to 26th July

- "Festa petita"; Beginning of November


Local market; every Tuesday

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