Costa Brava: A Springtime Haven for Food and Wine Enthusiasts

Costa Brava

Savor the flavors of spring in Costa Brava with its delectable culinary offerings

1. Exploring the Dalí Triangle

Embark on a cultural journey to the Dalí Triangle, which includes the Dalí Theatre-Museum in Figueres, the Salvador Dalí House-Museum in Portlligat, and the Gala Dalí Castle in Púbol. Immerse yourself in the surreal world of Salvador Dalí, one of the greatest artists of the 20th century.


2. Hiking in Cap de Creus Natural Park

Put on your hiking boots and explore the stunning landscapes of Cap de Creus Natural Park. Enjoy breathtaking views of rocky cliffs, hidden coves, and Mediterranean flora as you hike through this pristine coastal park.


3. Sampling Fresh Seafood

Indulge in the freshest seafood dishes along the Costa Brava coastline. From grilled sardines to succulent prawns, local restaurants offer an abundance of delicious seafood options that will satisfy any palate.


4. Relaxing on the Beaches of Lloret de Mar

Unwind on the sandy beaches of Lloret de Mar, one of Costa Brava's most popular beach destinations. Soak up the sun, take a refreshing swim in the crystal-clear waters, and stroll along the lively promenade.


5. Exploring the Medes Islands

Embark on a boat tour to the Medes Islands, a group of small islands known for their exceptional marine life. Snorkel or scuba dive in the protected waters surrounding the islands and discover a vibrant underwater world.


6. Hot Air Balloon Ride Over the Costa Brava

Experience the Costa Brava from a unique perspective by taking a hot air balloon ride. Soar above the picturesque landscapes, vineyards, and coastline while enjoying breathtaking views that will leave you in awe.


7. Visit the Sant Pere de Rodes Monastery

Step back in time and visit the impressive Sant Pere de Rodes Monastery. Located on a mountainside, this medieval monastery offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside and provides a glimpse into the region's rich history.


8. Attending the Carnival of Palamós

Experience the vibrant Carnival of Palamós, a traditional celebration filled with colorful parades, costumes, music, and dancing. Join the festivities and immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of this cultural event.


9. Exploring the Salvador Dalí Sculptures in Púbol

Discover the surreal sculptures created by Salvador Dalí in the gardens of Gala Dalí Castle in Púbol. Admire the artist's unique creations and be transported into the whimsical world of Dalí's imagination.


10. Exploring the Cap Roig Botanical Garden

Stroll through the enchanting Cap Roig Botanical Garden, renowned for its diverse plant species and breathtaking sea views. Enjoy a leisurely walk along the picturesque paths and discover the beauty of nature at every turn.